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Our team of professionals at KSA Group are all passionate about saving viable businesses and giving the best possible advice to business owners and sole traders. Many of our team have had direct personal experience of business distress.  We are also the authors of, the largest online resource in its field and we are now creating a similar resource for sole traders. The site includes expert advice, insolvency guides and case studies in an easy to digest format. Our corporate advisors have many years of experience of talking to and negotiating with creditors, including banks and HMRC.

Time to Pay deal - Plan A

Find out how we can negotiate with your creditors to give you some breathing space and get you back on track

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Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) - Plan B

Write off up to 60% of the debt and spread the remainder over a 3-5 year period.

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Bankruptcy - Plan C

If neither option is possible then we can look at Plan C or Bankruptcy.  You can be discharged from bankruptcy in 12 months

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How do you know if the business is insolvent? Are you personally insolvent even if the business appears viable? Insignificant issues can lead to business failure when combined, therefore It’s important to recognise the early warning signs. Take our insolvency test or call us to speak to an adviser, free of charge.

Warning signs your business is struggling

Take a look at the warning signs of a business in trouble, from the bank’s point of view. It’s important to be aware of early problems

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Warning signs - a bank's view

A sole trader's dos and don'ts

A sole trader must act appropriately to ensure creditors’ interests are met first. Read our guide to the dos and don’ts of a business owner

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Close up of a woman hand writing a contract with a laptop beside at home or office

Top 10 tips for business owners

Print out a handy list of tips to follow when your business is struggling financially. Consider the best approach for you and your business.

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